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New papers show how institutions can align programs and finances to support student success

INDIANAPOLIS—Lumina Foundation today released a final round of papers exploring how public colleges and universities are responding to moves nationally by state policymakers toward the use of outcomes-based funding to boost postsecondary attainment and away from enrollment-based funding. States increasingly are using thoughtfully designed funding models to promote changes in institutional climate and culture that benefit students and society.

The latest papers focus on how institutions can align internal finances, student supports and incentives, and educational delivery to respond to funding formulas that create incentives for on-time degree completion and year-over-year increases in the numbers of students of color and at-risk students who earn degrees or other credentials. Higher education researchers and practitioners examined how one university in California is responding to the state’s increased focus on student completion, how incentives institutions offer students can affect degree completion, and how colleges and universities are using financial best practices to do better by students.

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