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MDRC Report Shows Positive Results for Two-Year CUNY ASAP

MDRC compares CUNY’s ASAP results with those of regular services and classes at the same CUNY colleges noting the success of the program in retention, credit accumulation and degree completion. The report provides results for the first two years of implementation. After the first semester, ASAP consistently increased:

  • the likelihood that students would enroll in each subsequent semester by 8 to 10 percentage points;
  • the average number of credits earned over two years by 7.6 credits; and
  • the proportion of students who earned an associate’s degree in two years by 5.7 percentage points.

Based on these promising early results, CUNY committed to substantially expanding ASAP beginning in fall 2012. By fall 2014, CUNY aims to serve over 4,000 students at the six participating community colleges — three times more than were served in fall 2012. Read more >