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MDRC Evaluation of CUNY’s ASAP Program Finds Positive Results for Low-Income Students Needing Remediation


In 2007, the City University of New York (CUNY) established the Accelerated Study in Associate Program (ASAP) in its institutions to help boost the number of graduates and reduce their time to completion. In the 2009, the program expanded from serving college-ready students to include those requiring some developmental education courses in hopes they could benefit from the model. Beginning in 2009, MDRC conducted an evaluation of the program on three campuses and looked specifically at low-income students who needed at least one developmental course. The 2015 report presents the findings from the full three-year evaluation, which found that ASAP significantly improved student academic outcomes and almost doubled their graduation rates. Students also earned more credits during the three-year period, and the cost-per-degree was significantly lower. The evaluation concluded that the ASAP program “generated large, meaningful impacts for low-income students with developmental education needs in an urban setting.” Further, “the ASAP model offers a highly promising strategy to markedly accelerate students’ progress, increase graduation rates, and build human capital among educationally and economically disadvantaged populations. Read more >