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Campaign for College Opportunity Report Finds Persistent Attainment Gaps in California

The Campaign for College Opportunity examines college-going and attainment rates among Latinos in the state of California, finding that while attainment has increased, gaps in attainment between Whites and Latinos and other ethnic groups persist. In 1990, 12 percent of Latinos 25 and older had attained an associate or higher, and by 2013, 16 percent of Latinos had attained a postsecondary degree. Latinos born in the United States were more than twice as likely as foreign-born Latinos to have earned a college degree. Unlike Whites and Blacks, younger Blacks are more likely to have college degrees than older Latinos. The report also includes data on Latino college readiness, college enrollment and transfer, affordability, and completion. The report includes recommendations for closing access and achievement gaps in California, including creating a statewide plan for higher education that includes state and institutional goals and benchmarks for increasing college readiness and graduation.

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