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State Leaders

State education policy officials include the following:

Russ Deaton, Interim Executive Director of the Tennessee Higher Education Commission
John Morgan, Chancellor, Tennessee Board of Regents
Mike Krause, Executive Director, Tennessee Promise/Drive to 55 Programs
Joe DiPietro, President, University of Tennessee

Policy Highlights

State Attainment Goal:Drive to 55” – 55% of Tennesseans earning an associate’s degree or higher by 2025. Learn more about how states can “Set An Attainment Goal.” Also, find out more about Tennessee’s attainment goal and see other states’ attainment goals.

 Tennessee Promise, cornerstone of the Drive to 55, is a bold scholarship and mentoring program that, beginning in 2015, promises all graduating high school seniors the opportunity to attend two years of a community or technical college free of tuition and fees. Learn more about how states Set Ambitious Attainment Goals and view Other State Attainment Goals.

Tennessee publicly reports completion data for all of its public institutions and all of its private institutions. See 50-State Table on Completion Data and learn more about how states Measure Progress.

The Tennessee Technology Centers are a statewide system of institutions that provide a range of one- and two-year technical and occupational programs with high completion and placement rates in high-skill, relatively high-wage fields. Read more about how states Adopt Guided Pathways.

Stronger Nation State Attainment Data

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