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State Leaders

State education policy officials include the following:

Joseph A. Garcia, Lt. Governor of Colorado and Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Higher Education
Bruce D. Benson, President, University of Colorado System
Anthony Frank, Chancellor, Colorado State University System
Nancy McCallin, President, Colorado Community College System

Policy Highlights

State Attainment Goal: Increase the number of Coloradans aged 25-34 who hold high-quality postsecondary credentials (degrees or certificates) to 66% by 2025 as well as reduce attainment gaps among students from underserved communities. Learn more about how states can “Set An Attainment Goal.” Also, find out more about Colorado’s attainment goal and see other states’ attainment goals.

In 2012, Colorado lawmakers enacted SB 12-045, which provided for the reverse transfer of academic credits. Read more about how states Re-enroll Adults with Some College and No Degree.

Colorado publicly reports completion data for all of its public institutions. See 50-State Table on Completion Data and learn more about how states Measure Progress.

Stronger Nation State Attainment Data

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