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New dimensions of college and career readiness

In May more than 50 representatives from industry, education, and philanthropy gathered at a summit hosted by College for Every Student (CFES) at its headquarters in Essex, NY to focus on ways to ensure that students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have the skills and training necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. The two-day event, sponsored by CFES, the GE Foundation,
and Trinity College Dublin, challenged participants to explore New Dimensions in College and Career Readiness.


Low-Income Students Need More Than Just a College Degree, Report Says – High School & Beyond – Education Week

Getting low-income students into and through college isn’t enough to position them well for success in the workplace. They need programs that give them strong mentors and real-world work experience, and help them build their science, math, and technology skills, according to a new report.


Now the Views of the Vice Presidential Candidates on Higher Ed – New England Board of Higher Education : New England Board of Higher Education

A few weeks ago, NEJHE highlighted a brief bibliography of what’s been said about the major presidential candidates’ positions on higher education policy. Since then, both candidates introduced their running mates. Here are a few recent articles from various sources on the vice presidential candidates’ positions on higher ed …


The trouble with free college for all

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) spent much of his presidential campaign calling for a political revolution that would take money out of politics and reduce income inequality. His policy proposals, such as single payer health insurance and higher taxes on the rich, were directly aimed at accomplishing those goals.