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‘Coalition’ Leader Wants New Application to Serve the Underdog in Admissions – The Chronicle of Higher Education

Three months ago, Annie Reznik agreed to help lead a college-admissions experiment. Since then, the first executive director of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success has overseen the rollout of a new college-application platform shared by dozens of private and public colleges. Now that it’s up and running, a big question looms: Will the group’s controversial online system help more students, especially those from low-income families, get to college?

New dimensions of college and career readiness

In May more than 50 representatives from industry, education, and philanthropy gathered at a summit hosted by College for Every Student (CFES) at its headquarters in Essex, NY to focus on ways to ensure that students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, have the skills and training necessary to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. The two-day event, sponsored by CFES, the GE Foundation,
and Trinity College Dublin, challenged participants to explore New Dimensions in College and Career Readiness.

As ACT scores rise, more students can choose college: Editorial |

The increases in ACT scores in Louisiana may seem small, but the steady improvement on the college entrance exam is significant. Scores are rising despite the fact that thousands more students are taking the test now — including students who might not be planning to go to college. The state started using the ACT as part of its formula to grade high schools in 2013. That means virtually every student takes the test, not just those who are headed to a university.