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Melissa McCoy

Do not measure everything under the sun. In fact, measure as few things as your possibly can that are meaningful and that will get you to your [intended] outcome. But do it well, and do it accurately.

Melissa McCoy, Esq. is the Director of Collaborative Continuous Improvement, where she  is responsible for incorporating continuous improvement methodology into the Partnership’s collaborative networks and community-based initiatives. 

Collaborative members include: Cincinnati State Community College, Gateway Technical Community and Technical College, University of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati Public Schools, Covington Independent Schools, Partners for a Competitive Workforce, United Way, Greater Cincinnati Foundation, and the Haile U.S. Bank Foundation.

Any policy solutions discussed in this interview were crafted in response to the unique circumstances of the state(s) in which they were formed. As a private foundation, Lumina does not support or oppose any legislation. Lumina provides educational information, nonpartisan research and analysis to advance Goal 2025.