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Strategy Labs provides a network for leaders and influencers in all 50 states to share research, data and professional experiences to advance Goal 2025.  That goal is to increase the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by the year 2025. Strategy Labs enables state and system-level policymakers and higher education leaders to connect and collaborate with one another and with experts in the field to develop strategies to increase educational attainment. Lumina Foundation’s State Policy Agenda offers suggested strategies for leaders to consider as part of their efforts.

The Strategy Labs website is designed to support the network and state, system and institutional leaders in their efforts to reach Goal 2025. The site highlights state policy actions, current research and data, state and institutional initiatives, and additional resources. State leaders are encouraged to use the site as a tool to drive their own attainment agenda and to learn more about specific proven and promising policies that may advance their success. Leaders can also find information to connect them with peers in other states and can access information about and a preliminary application for financial and technical support for their efforts.

As a private foundation, Lumina does not support or oppose any specific legislation. Lumina provides information and resources on a nonpartisan basis to advance Goal 2025.

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State Policy Agenda

To reach Goal 2025, states can build student-centered, outcomes-based postsecondary education systems with the capacity to reach much higher levels of attainment. States can build these systems by explicitly defining goals and priorities; ensuring that public resources are aligned to those goals; and providing students with clear pathways and institutions with incentives to increase completion.  Measuring and reporting progress and ensuring that strong, accountable and consistent leadership is in place is also critical to sustaining a challenging reform agenda long enough that student outcomes change.

The State Policy Agenda consists of three core elements—improve student outcomes, align investments and create smarter pathways—and each core element includes several possible policy actions.  It is designed as a guidepost, not a checklist, for states looking to identify and implement the policies best suited to drive their higher education reform needs. Each of the policy action pages includes highlights of activity in the states as well as links to current research and other resources and reports.

The Strategy Labs Community

Strategy Labs is an open learning community that connects leaders with peers from other states to share, identify and pursue solutions that can improve higher education attainment. Strategy Labs comprises state and system-level leaders and their staffs, university leaders, governors’ aides, legislators and their staffs, non-profit organizations and business leaders working to increase attainment. To reach a Lumina state consultant or Strategy Labs adviser in your state, visit the adviser directory or contact

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